Worldwide 245 million mountain people live in developing and transitioning countries. They are among the poorest and most impacted by hunger and climate change. 

In Nepal, mountain people are of Tibetan origins and have been historically marginalized. The rugged terrain makes it difficult to promote economic activity and deliver services -leaving the region physically isolated, with poor infrastructure and marginalization.

Our Mission

Mountain Resiliency Project fights alongside farmers to develop sustainable livelihoods as a key step in the ongoing struggle to build climate change resilient communities for social and economic justice.  


Our Work

Dignifying Indigenous Livelihoods | Sustainable Income Generation | A Future Within Mountains

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Curious about how we are building climate change resilient videos? Watch our new video explaining our role and work in climate change resilience building in mountain communities.

Through the Mountain Resiliency Project in Nepal, Tsechu Dolma works with isolated communities negatively impacted by climate change to ensure greater food and water security. Learn more about her efforts to contribute to Sustainable Development Goal #13: Combat climate change.

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